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Transformation in the Ring of Fire

Fall is the time of year, I love the most! When I think of this season and how it has shifted from the hot, bright summer to a darker and more reflective energy, I can’t help but feel the change internally. I find myself contemplating the things I have working well in my life as well as what things I should weed out of my life that no longer serve me.

If you have ever dealt with weeds in your yard, you know they are hardy and hold on as well as have a tendency to return again and again. When we passively release things that no longer serve us, we may find ourselves holding on a bit or allowing those things to creep back into our lives. So many of the things we are holding on to that exhaust us or make us feel cranky are things we do to ourselves. By considering how we are holding on we can begin to take an honest look at those things.

There are so many reasons we hold on. It can be due to fear of the unknown because holding on to negative thoughts and behaviors feels easier than trying to find a new way. Holding on to a bad relationship or work situation can seem better than being alone or jobless. We hold on to things that are bad for us because we enjoy them, or they protect us from feeling what we’re afraid to feel. Or maybe these things are what we have always done, despite the consequences. Deep down, we realize that we should stop, but instead, we hang on for dear life.

What if we knew that we could do something to actively release those things which no longer serve us? To do this, it helps to know that once we’ve identified those things, we can actively release them which will open space for new, positive thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to come into our lives. The Ring of Fire ceremony will be the catalyst to release and set your intentions. Then beyond the ceremony we can support ourselves through this process in a number of ways which we will explore in the workshop. It will take work and it will sometimes be scary. We will sometimes slip back into old ways but now with awareness so that we can bring ourselves back out of that. It will require us to be kind, gentle, bold, and loving towards ourselves as we would towards someone we care about. The truth is, this work will be uncomfortable because we will have to face our fears and anxieties to make space for what we want in our lives. Growth is usually uncomfortable but so worthwhile.

I’m very happy for you that you have chosen to move into growth. The Ring of Fire ceremony is a powerful and active way to honestly identify and release your fears, anxieties, things that no longer serve you, and whatever you wish to release. Once you’ve completed your release, space will be held for you to then call in those things you want to bring into your life. Positive energies, hope, trust, new ways of being and whatever you wish to bring forth. I participated in this ceremony last year and it was transformational in my life, setting me on the path I’m on now with trust in myself and clarity in my intention.

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