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Private Integrative Online Life Coaching


This coaching is for the individual who desires to focus on personal and/or professional goals in a one-on-one online program. In this program we firm up your goals and I support you in identifying key strategies to approach those goals and address any obstacles.  In each session you formulate action steps and I provide accountability that helps you move forward quickly to achieve your goals.  

Private Equine Assisted Life Coaching


Equine Assisted Life Coaching is great for individuals who desire to work outdoors with horses as part of their life coaching program.  In this program we identify your personal and/or professional goals and I support you in identifying key strategies to approach those goals and address any obstacles. We include the horses as part of your session through hands-on exercises and experiences, that promote awareness, authenticity, anchoring of key strategies, and reflections of your inner workings. In each session you formulate action steps and I provide accountability that helps you achieve your goals rapidly.

Horse & Owner Connection Coaching


If you are a horse owner or simply love horses and desire to have a more connected partnership with horses, then this coaching experience may be right for you.  Women & Horses Connection Coaching is designed and uniquely created based on the needs of each person and horse. Rather than focus solely on horsemanship skills, together we will explore feel, timing, and balance as well as navigate that thin line between companionship and the leadership that a horse needs from you to trust that you will give him or her what they need in every moment together.  In this program you will be engaging in your own personal growth work while working with and gaining a deeper understanding of your horse and how you can work together as true partners.  This is an individual program although I am able to work with small groups that have common goals.  Contact me to learn more!

Group Coaching & Workshops


Coaching and workshops are offered periodically here at the ranch with the horses and also online.  If you are a person who thrives in experiences where you learn from others and enjoy sharing your wisdom as well, this form of coaching may be right for you.  In these group experiences, we create a safe space to share and explore together around specific topics or based on what the group and individuals in the group desire to work on.  I provide facilitation and group coaching along with exercises and challenges to increase and deepen inner work with or without the horses.  Please check for current group coaching and workshop offerings or contact me if you would like to chat about creating a workshop for your small business or special interest group.


WHAT PEOPLE SAY about coaching 

I appreciate how thoughtful, considerate, and approachable Darcie is.  She actively listened and asked clarifying questions to help me identify the root cause of the issues we were addressing.  Because of this process I am being more clear and concise in my communication style.  Darcie's Equine Awareness Program does an outstanding job of complimenting the coaching she offers.  Working with the  horses was a great opportunity to put my findings from the coaching into practice.  

— Ismael Groves

Darcie's Life Coaching has made a tremendous impact on my life.  Her belief that the answers lie within me, along with her tools, support, and guidance helped me understand the broken pieces of my life to make sense.  I highly recommend opening yourself up to working with Darcie.   Having someone I could trust unconditionally to help me heal was a game changer.  The horses were icing on the cake!

— Angy Shearer

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