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About Darcie

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What I Offer 


Private & Group Life Coaching and

Equine Assisted Coaching

Workshops & Classes for Personal Growth 

Workshops for Professional Growth

Reiki Healing for People and Animals

Animal Communication Services



Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation

Certified Professional Integrative Coach, (CPIC)  through The Institute for Integrative Coaching, ICF Credentialed

Owner, Silver Heart Ranch ,LLC, offering Life Coaching, Equine Assisted Coaching, Reiki, Animal Communication

Reiki Master Usui - Holy Fire® III & Reiki, Ryoho


Certified Western and English Riding Instructor through Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA);  2010 - Present

My Story


The idea for Silver Heart Ranch came about as part of my journey to discover what was next for me after a physical lay-off from horse training and traditional horsemanship work which is what I did previously. Over a year long hiatus where I worked to manage my pain and improve my physical well-being, I also actively opened my mind and heart to other possibilities for work with horses.  I’ve always admired and been awed by the ability horses have to help people become more insightful and engaged in everyday life.  They have certainly done that for me and I have come to the idea of sharing that with other women as a way to give back to the women who came before me.


Another component of the insight I have had through horses is that I noticed early on in my professional horsemanship work that many of my women clients had fear. The fear was not necessarily related to horses but to life in general.  I spent most of my time during horsemanship workshops or private/group lessons helping women to identify where their fear or apprehension was coming from.  Sometimes it was related to their horse. Other times it was coming from another source and just manifested during our lessons.  What I noticed is that by searching deeper into their inner selves while working with their horses, they began to gain confidence.  Not only would they begin to handle their horses more assertively but this new found confidence began to  ripple out to  their lives outside of horses.


I too have dealt with fear of horses and of life situations which I had little to no control over. So it was a personal goal for me to try and impart the things I had learned about working with horses in harmony and confidence by teaching people how to be mindful and self-compassionate as a basis for all the work they would need to do with their horses.

Throughout my year off, I worked on not only my physical body, but my inner self too. In this work, I realized the importance of being mindful and self-compassionate beyond my horsemanship work.  To accept and embrace my authentic, vulnerable, and perfectly imperfect self.  I was fortunate to work with a wonderful personal coach who helped me to open myself up in new ways. It was painful at times and it was hard but so rewarding. I understand now that this work will be on-going for the rest of my life and that I am so grateful to have a newfound joy.  I am passionate about sharing all of this with other women so that they too can step into each day in strength and power.

Combining my years as a woman, mother, public school educator, literacy coach, professional horsemanship instructor, and horsemanship apprentice coach,  I’m ready to begin this new venture of intentionally working with women and horses surrounded by nature.  I hope you will consider reaching out to me and joining me somewhere along your own path.  


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