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Love in the Flow

Energy is all around us and within us. When we gather in a group that taps into energy together, what manifests in that group, sweeps us along in the flow of the situation. We are in the moment together and open to the experience. Even though we are individuals within the group, we also are a part of the collective. In the energy flow of the group, we don't really have time to stop and pause to decide where we are going. We just go. Free of having to make decisions or create a strategy. All of those things can come later and we can choose the direction we want to take once we can step back and decide where we wish to go with the momentum of the experience.

To illustrate the above, I am going to share a story. It's a true story and it really happened in the way I am sharing it. This story involves a group of women, a herd of horses, one horse named Buttercup, and a transformative experience. Let's jump into it now.

One bright and beautiful day, a group of six women gathered to join in a guided meditation circle with horses. We each carried our own chairs into the arena and placed them in a large circle with plenty of space between. There were three beautiful horses roaming free in the space with us and we made sure they had room to move through and within our circle. We all took our seats and each took a turn setting personal intentions for the meditation. Once our intentions were shared, we settled in and began feeling our bodies relaxing into our chairs within the space around us.

I began the guided meditation with some breath work and slowly began to stir the shared intentions into the flow of the meditation. After several minutes the energy flow of the women in the circle began to meld together and shift from what each brought in to the circle from their life outside of the circle to a deep relaxed ebb and flow of energy in each moment of mindful presence. I could feel the life stressors, the expectations, the illusion of control, and the fears, begin to release, carried off by the gentle breeze to be absorbed by the ethers like fine clouds of dust.

Soon, we were all in the flow. The separate intentions were now one, mixed together like a delicious soup. The horses were standing quietly dozing after spending several minutes walking and moving around us. They began to relax once the group began to flow together in present time. Letting go... Just being... Connected in body and mind... All of us in the flow... Horses... Women... Breath...

My eyes stayed open throughout the meditation so that I could give feedback as to what the horses offered during the session since all the women's eyes were closed. This sharing would give valuable feedback to deepen and validate messages and feelings that came up for each person during their meditative experience.

I watched with wonder, having no idea what might happen in this group meditation. My curiosity was piqued when Buttercup left the other horses and approached the woman to my right. She spent several moments sniffing the woman's hair and clothing. Afterwards, she began to make her way to the center of the circle. Once in the center, she turned her large body in a couple of smaller circles with her head lowered and then lowered her whole body down into the sand. I felt my heart skip a beat and some of the women noticed too because her body made a soft thud in the sand. There she was in front of us and there she stayed.

While I began to wrap up the meditation, Buttercup was still there on the ground resting in perfect peace. Her love and trust for the group was radiating through all of us. We all received it from her and from each other. For her to lay down in the middle of a group of people, most of whom she did not know, was nothing short of amazing. As a prey animal, a horse must feel trust to lower her guard and lay down at our feet.

All of us were in tears and smiling because the feeling of love was so overwhelming. We were all in love's flow with Buttercup. She was honoring us by trusting us. To love requires us to trust. There was no need for words because we all felt it and knew what it was that we were feeling. We were swept away together in love. It was love in the flow!

After a few minutes of feeling this, Buttercup shifted from a more upright laying down position to going over fully flat on her side. She placed her head gently on my feet. I've never experienced this before and my tears broke hard and sobbing. I knew she was giving me affirmation for the healing work that we are doing together in these circles. After a little time had passed, some of the women got down on the ground and sat next to Buttercup in the sand. It was stunning and beautiful to witness.

In those later moments, sitting in the sand, the women were able to pause, reflect, and choose with purpose, where they would take this experience into their lives when they went their separate ways. I pray that they have continued to be in the flow of love, riding that wave with the wind in their hair, and the sun on their skin, singing the songs of their lives for all to hear!

I end this story with gratitude and deep appreciation for the horses, the women who come here, and myself too. If you're still reading this, here at the end, I wish you love in the flow.

Photo credit: Christi Ahl

Darcie Litwicki is an ICF Certified Life Coach that integrates solid coaching skills and working with horses to create a dynamic and transformative coaching process for people to reach their personal and professional goals. She believes her clients are the experts in their own lives and that we all have the ability to reach our highest potential but sometimes we need support to get there.

Have you scheduled your free 60-minute coaching session to determine if this is a good fit for you in your life? Contact Darcie to get scheduled. You can schedule Equine Assisted Coaching In-Person Sessions at Silver Heart Ranch or sessions online (Zoom), or by phone.

Darcie also offers a variety of group coaching options, private or group Meditation Circles with Horses, workshops, and online classes. In addition, she offers Reiki Healing for animals and people, and Animal Communication Services. Many of these services are combined as needed for the healing of the whole. Contact her to learn more!

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