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Energy & Healing

Reiki for People and Animals


Reiki is a healing technique that activates the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restores physical and emotional well-being through the channeling of the practitioner’s energy administered from over the body or through touch.  I am a Second Degree, Usui/Holy Fire III,  Reiki Ryoho Practitioner that is qualified to work on both people and animals.  Reiki is gentle and causes no discomfort yet yields powerful results and has the ability to travel into the past to help heal old wounds and traumas.


Sessions can be done in person at your home or mine and can also be done through distance as well. I offer a free consultation to ensure that Reiki is right for you or your animal.   


Here are some things that Reiki can help with:

Recovering from trauma past or present

Compliment current health treatments

Lower stress, anxiety, depression

Transitions and Changes

Animal Behavioral Issues


Special Notes for Animals:

It is best for me to travel to you to give Reiki Treatments as animals feel best in their familiar home environment.  I can also perform a treatment from a distance as the nature of Reiki Energy Work does not need to be done in person.  

Animal Communication


Animal communication is beneficial for you and your animal to have a better understanding of each other.  Communication with animals is done telepathically and information is relayed to you verbally.  This is a chance for you to ask questions of your animal and hear what they have to say. I facilitate the conversation and endeavor to bring about clarity and resolution.


Some of the reasons people wish to communicate with their animals:

To better understand behaviors

Checking in on health issues

Overall living satisfaction


Pet is lost

Various other reasons specific to your life


Session lengths vary depending on what you are wanting to ask and achieve.  I offer a free consultation prior to the session to ensure that I understand what you wish to achieve.  I also do a follow up after the session to make sure that you have resolution. Sessions can be done by phone or in-person if you live near my location and you do not have to be with your animal during the session.  


WHAT PEOPLE SAY about coaching 

I appreciate how thoughtful, considerate, and approachable Darcie is.  She actively listened and asked clarifying questions to help me identify the root cause of the issues we were addressing.  Because of this process I am being more clear and concise in my communication style.  Darcie's Equine Awareness Program does an outstanding job of complimenting the coaching she offers.  Working with the  horses was a great opportunity to put my findings from the coaching into practice.  

— Ismael Groves

Darcie's Life Coaching has made a tremendous impact on my life.  Her belief that the answers lie within me, along with her tools, support, and guidance helped me understand the broken pieces of my life to make sense.  I highly recommend opening yourself up to working with Darcie.   Having someone I could trust unconditionally to help me heal was a game changer.  The horses were icing on the cake!

— Angy Shearer