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Step Into Your Heart!

Meet Darcie

Horses have always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Looking at the beauty of the outside of a horse takes my breath away.  Going deeper, I've learned that on the inside they embody grace, power, intuition, and balance.  By opening myself to these qualities, horses have shown me how to develop compassion and power, peace and mindfulness, and above all how to embrace life.  This is what I long to share with other women as we strive to accept ourselves within a wide array of circumstances.  Join me to explore a deeper connection to self, nature, and personal goals through Equine Assisted Learning. 

Horses, Nature and Insights


I've always been an animal and nature lover.  Writing about my insights and adventures with animals and nature is a passion.  These blog posts are written from my heart to share the beautiful, wild, joyful, heartbreaking stories of real

life with animals on this amazing planet or ours.  



Thank you Darcie, for this opportunity.  Meditating with your horses is something everyone should try.  Such a beautiful and moving way to start the morning!

Barbara Allen

Equine Assisted Coaching and Life Coaching for Women


Silver Heart Ranch, offers women an encouraging place to come together with horses, and nature in an experiential way in order to explore our inner selves more deeply.  Check out a wide variety of services such as personal coaching and horse connection coaching.  Also offering small group workshops, horse meditation circles, and Reiki.  Contact me to chat about your coaching program or to design a custom workshop for your small business or team building.

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