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Hearts Connect in Nature

This photo was taken at a previous workshop I facilitated. The workshop combined writing, nature, and horses. Throughout the workshop we collected items found in nature and combined them to create a nature collage all placed upon a wooden heart.

What is it about nature that slows us down and helps us connect or reconnect to our heart's desires?

I start every morning with a walk out in the desert with my dogs, Bertie and Zoe. We take a variety of different paths to keep it interesting but no matter how many times I travel those paths, I always see and hear something new and different. I'm more prone to stop and really look at a plant or animal. One day there was a really noisy Crow on a telephone pole high above us. I stopped and began talking to him. His noisy crowing quieted and he began making noises I don't recall hearing from Crows. They were sweet sounding noises. We continued our chat as he flew from one telephone pole to the next along our path. When we ran out of telephone poles he flew off into the desert and I felt a moment of sadness at our parting. It felt special and real to be connected. If not for being out in nature, I may not have even noticed this beautiful bird and I would have missed that life enriching experience.

Taking nature walks benefits a person's heart in ways beyond the obvious physical exercise gained from walking. Our creativity and problem solving skills increase because our stress decreases when we interact with nature. I have read numerous sources that state the improvement of mood, emotional state, and well-being for women when we spend time in open green spaces. A great way to practice self care is to get outside. It can be a park, a drive to open country, a trip to the mountains, or even time outside planting flowers in your backyard. Try taking a walk down a tree lined street focusing on the trees. If you can't get outside as much as you would like, watching nature documentaries is another way to partake in the benefits of nature. All it takes is a little creativity to enjoy the magic of nature. So get out there and enjoy!

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